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Certified Duradek Distributor & Installer

We build decks and railings to last as long as your home, and we do it with Duradek.


Duradek is the original deck membrane solution. Reliable, long-lasting, and low maintenance, it is the best system in the industry for waterproofing decks, flat roof decks, and balconies. It's so reliable, it comes with a 15-year warranty.


Duradek was introduced over 45 years ago to solve waterproofing problems on decks that existing products could not. Property owners and builders complained about leak issues, unsightly appearance, time-consuming maintenance, and expensive repairs resulting from water damage. Duradek fixed it all.


To ensure their reputation for quality, Duradek permits only a select few to distribute and install their product. We’re proud that we are Canmore’s certified Duradek distributor, and all of our team members are certified Duradek installers.

Vinyl Decking

Duradek vinyl deck membranes are designed for strength, durability, and slip-resistance, providing low-maintenance and long-lasting waterproof protection in a single product solution. Duradek completely seals the deck substructure, ensuring water never reaches the building envelope and completely protecting everything below. Installed only once with no re-coating, Duradek can be used immediately after installation, with no curing or drying time. Offering the best selection of vinyl deck colours and patterns in the industry, it’s the ideal solution for residential living spaces.

Deck Railing

Duradek’s revolutionary deck railing system, Durarail, is the ultimate in guardrail systems. It provides a long-lasting, reliable way to define your exterior leisure space and ensure safety. Manufactured in North America, Duradek produces its Durarail systems from sturdy, non-corrosive aluminum. They are maintenance-free, long-lasting, and waterproof. Stylish as well, Durarail offers an array of choices (standard and custom) for glass, picket, and cable railings for decks, stairways, fencing, pool areas, privacy screens, and more.

Duradek Warranty

Duradek just increased its warranty coverage to 15 years for vinyl decking. The warranty is also transferable to a new homeowner, offering a convenient, single-source warranty solution for your deck surface and railing products when installed by a Duradek contractor. Duradek is installed only by trained, authorized dealers. Duradek’s warranty also covers the appearance of your deck. Duradek Ultra 60mm vinyl membranes have a 5-year Appearance Warranty, protecting the homeowner from excessive discolouration over and above natural aging. With Duradek, homeowners can rest assured that the brand-new vinyl deck they installed at the beginning of the summer will look the same at its end, despite constant exposure to the sun. Duradek is manufactured in North America with built-in UV resistance and mold & mildew inhibitors, with an ongoing 3rd party quality assurance program and testing in place to ensure it consistently meets all building code requirements.

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